Kentucky zoo employees round up escaped emus from Amish farm

By Ben Hooper
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Oct. 22 (UPI) -- Employees at a Kentucky zoo rounded up a quartet of emus that escaped from an Amish farm and went wandering near a busy highway.

Mick McGill, animal management director at the Kentucky Down Under Adventure Zoo, said phone calls started coming in about 3 p.m. from drivers who spotted the emus wandering loose near the L&N Turnpike in Horse Cave.


McGill said he and his head zookeeper, Harley White, did a quick check to make sure the emus didn't belong to the zoo, and soon determined the large birds had escaped from a nearby Amish farm. McGill and White headed over to the location to attempt to capture the wandering Australian birds.

"They were pretty friendly emus," McGill told WNKY-TV. "We've had quite a bit of experience rounding up emus here. You get behind them and wave your arms is the best way to do it, and hope they don't kick you."

"They're not a herding animal so it's not easy to keep them together," he said.

McGill and White were able to guide the emus back to the farm safely.

"I took my head zookeeper with me, guided them back in, rounded them up and got them home," he said. "That's not the nuttiest thing I've done in the last 24 hours."


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