TV reporter helps pull python from Florida man's wheel well

Ben Hooper

Oct. 18 (UPI) -- A Florida man got some help from a TV news reporter in removing a python that slithered into the wheel well of his car.

Bill Siemon of Orlando said he called the fire department when his mother spotted the python climbing into his wheel well, but firefighters told him the snake was too big for them to handle.


Siemon contacted a trapper, but a WFTV news crew arrived on the scene first and reporter Steve Barrett decided to attempt to remove the snake himself.

Siemon said he was worried the non-venomous snake might bite.

"Trapper said he wouldn't bite, but you know what? He has teeth, he's going to bite something," Siemon told WFTV.

Siemon and Barrett worked together to get the snake out of the wheel well and into a trash can. It was hauled away by trapper Bob Cross, who said the python is very docile and likely an escaped pet.

"Got the snake with the help of Channel 9 news," Siemon said in a Facebook post. "Good team work."

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