Bull escapes trailer, leads police on three-hour chase in Baltimore

Ben Hooper

Oct. 3 (UPI) -- A bull that "doesn't have the best disposition" escaped from a trailer in Baltimore and led police and animal experts on a nearly three-hour chase around the city.

The Baltimore Police Department said the bull was on its way to a Frederick County farm Wednesday when it escaped from a trailer in West Baltimore just after 3 p.m.


Police and experts from the Maryland Zoo pursued the bull for nearly three hours before it was finally subdued with tranquilizers and loaded onto a truck.

"The owner of the bull said he doesn't have the best disposition," Baltimore Police spokeswoman Detective Nicole Monroe told the Baltimore Sun.

Scott Barao, the animal's owner, said the bull must have hit the door on the back of the trailer in just the right way while stopped at a red light. He said the animal is a purebred angus breeding bull and would be very expensive if sold.

Barao thanked police for capturing the bull alive.

"They could've shot that bull two hours ago and been done with it," he said. "He's extremely valuable to us and we're just glad to have him alive."

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