Horses, ponies run loose on Dallas highways

By Ben Hooper
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Oct. 2 (UPI) -- Drivers on a Dallas highway were surprised to encounter a group of unusual traffic hazards -- horses and ponies running loose in the roadway.

At least one driver on Interstate 35 East and Highway 183 captured video Monday of the large and small equines running loose across lanes of traffic in Dallas.


Texas Department of Transportation cameras captured video of crews wrangling two horses off the interstate.

Two ponies were captured a short time later in a Hampton Inn Suites a short time later and two other equines were caught running loose in the Regal Row area.

More equines were captured on Highways 183 and 114 by Irving police.

Authorities said two of the animals were struck by vehicles and killed during their time on the loose. The remaining ponies and horses were returned to their owner.

The animals ended up on the highway when a trailer came open during transit and the driver pulled over, allowing the horses that did not fall from the open door to jump out and wander loose.

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