Man throws tortilla 54 feet, 5 inches to break world record

By Ben Hooper
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Sept. 23 (UPI) -- An Idaho man attending a Guinness World Records event in Toronto captured the record for furthest tortilla throw, hurling the disc-shaped food item a distance of 54 feet, 5 inches.

David Rush, who has broken over 100 Guinness World records to promote STEM education, make an official attempt with a Guinness adjudicator at the Science of Guinness World Records Exhibit in Toronto.


Rush said two dignitaries at the conference, put together by Science North and Guinness, managed to beat the previous record of 30 feet, 1 inch before it was his turn to throw.

Rush said his first throw, which didn't count toward his three official attempts, bounced off a wall, while his first official throw failed to meet the goal set by the dignitaries. His second throw was disqualified when it bounced off the ground at one point in its flight, but the third throw was declared the new record holder at 54 feet, 5 inches.

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