Las Vegas woman spins world's largest hula hoop

Ben Hooper

Sept. 12 (UPI) -- A Las Vegas woman who broke the Guinness World Record for largest hula hoop spun by a female said she had to wear a protective vest to keep from damaging her ribs.

Getti Kehayova, a former circus performer, achieved the Guinness record by spinning a hula hoop measuring 17 feet and 1/4 inches in diameter around her body three times.


"It was quite painful because the hula hoop is pretty heavy, so every time that revolution and spin comes around and it touches every part of your body, it kind of feels like a punch up against your body," she told Guinness.

Kehayova said she had to wear a protective vest during the attempt to make sure she didn't break any ribs in pursuit of the record.

The performer said she comes from a family of Guinness record holders.

"My dad set a Guinness World Records title for the seven-man high perch pyramid act. A person jumped off a teeterboard, got catapulted to do a somersault in mid-air, and landed on top of as the seventh person as the stunt. My older sister had the record for the most hula hoops spun," she said.

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