Escaped African serval captured, taken to Albuquerque zoo

By Wade Sheridan
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Sept. 6 (UPI) -- The escaped African serval, who was recently spotted near Hyde Memorial State Park in New Mexico, has been captured and taken to the Albuquerque BioPark zoo.

The Santa Fe Police Department confirmed the capture of the serval on Facebook on Thursday.


New Mexico Game and Fish captured the large feline by using a rotisserie chicken from an Albertsons grocery store.

"We put the chicken in the trap and that brought it right in," Tristanna Bickford of New Mexico Game and Fish said to KRQE.

The serval is being kept in quarantine at the zoo while the staff searches a for a new home for the exotic animal. It is unknown if the serval belonged to someone and if the zoo keeps the animal, he will be kept away from the other serval as they are solitary creatures.

Serval's are illegal to keep in New Mexico without a zoo permit. Police suspect that he might be an escaped pet.

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