Chef cooks up world's longest egg noodle at more than 602 feet long

Ben Hooper

Sept. 3 (UPI) -- A Japanese chef prepared an egg noodle measuring 602 feet, 9 inches long to break a Guinness World Record.

Hiroshi Kuroda said he soaked the noodle in sesame oil to prevent breakage and then applied pressure while it was in a wok to elongate the single piece of pasta.


The chef tossed the noodle for nearly an hour before his assistants used ice to cool it and then stretched it out to measure it.

"I was frequently asked by customers how long or thin the noodles can be. Those inquiries led me to the idea of measuring noodles. And I realized Guinness World Records manage that type of records also, which led me to attempting some of the records myself," Kuroda said.

The noodle ended up setting the Guinness record at 602 feet, 9 inches -- longer than the Washington Monument is tall.

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