Texas couple's security camera records foxes stealing dog toy

By Ben Hooper
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Aug. 16 (UPI) -- A Texas couple who couldn't find their dog's favorite toy reviewed home security camera footage to identify a pair of furry thieves -- two foxes.

Laura House said she and her husband, Grahm Donovan, were searching for the squeaky dolphin that their blind and nearly-deaf dog likes playing with the most.


The couple reviewed security camera footage from outside their Georgetown home and discovered the toy had been carried off by a pair of foxes.

House said the dolphin is the dog's favorite toy, since it's small and light enough for the canine to actively enjoy squeaking. She said she was dismayed to learn the manufacturer no longer makes the toy.

House is asking neighbors and locals to keep an eye out for the pilfered toy, in case it was dropped somewhere by the foxes.

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