Residents baffled by creepy dolls left around Missouri county

Ben Hooper

Aug. 16 (UPI) -- Authorities in Missouri are investigating after residents reported finding creepy dolls posed in odd locations around a county.

Residents of Jefferson County said the dolls have been discovered posed in strange locations that sometimes lead them to initially be confused for children.


"When we found this one, it was laying in front of our building. We picked it up and it was the doll, they've been hanging on top of stop signs, laying in front of the license office," Angela Ravellette told KTVI-TV.

The dolls have been discovered in both Festus and Crystal City.

Police said they have received calls about the dolls, some of which were found without heads. Festus Police Chief Tim Lewis said the dolls appear to be a prank, but authorities are concerned they could lead to unintentional injury.

"We think it's a joke but if someone thinks it's a child, and they take steps to get that child out of traffic and they get injured, it's not a joke anymore," he said.

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