Dog rescued from Lake Michigan two days after fleeing at beach

By Ben Hooper
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July 30 (UPI) -- A dog that ran off at an Illinois beach was rescued two days later about a half-mile off the shore of Lake Michigan.

Witnesses called 911 Monday morning when they spotted the 3-year-old dog swimming in Lake Michigan waters off the North Side of Chicago, and Chicago Police officers Jen Terzich and Emmanuel Ordaz Jimenez responded to the scene.


The officers kept track of the canine's movements and directed the Chicago Fire Department's Marine Unit to her location.

The dog was taken to a veterinarian, who identified the canine's owner, Charles Bogenberger.

Bogenberger said the rescue dog, Laila, had run off through an open gate at a dog beach Saturday, two days before the rescue.

"I had no idea she could swim until yesterday but apparently she's a real Michael Phelps," Bogenberger told WMAQ-TV.

The veterinarian who examined Laila said she was in good health. It was unclear how much time she spent in the water before the rescue.

Bogenberger said he adopted Laila in February and the pair moved to Chicago about a month ago.

"She came from the streets of Houston, and when they found her she was sick and malnourished," Bogenberger told WGN-TV. "She learned a lot of survival skills down there that helped her survive a weekend in Chicago."


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