Postcard shows up at Illinois home exactly 26 years after postmark

By Ben Hooper
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July 16 (UPI) -- An Illinois woman said she is trying to solve an intriguing mystery after a postcard showed up at her house that was postmarked 26 years ago.

Kim Draper said she initially thought the postcard had been delivered to the wrong address when it showed up July 8 at her Springfield home, but a closer look revealed it had been sent to a previous resident exactly 26 years earlier -- July 8, 1993.


The postcard, addressed to Leena and Muhammad Ali Kizilbash, is signed "Your Dad" and provides details of the man's travels in Hong Kong.

"It's in really great condition for being somewhere in the mail system for 26 years," Draper told The State Journal-Register.

Draper said she is hoping to find the people from the card, but she has not been able to find any promising leads.

"I was hoping that maybe if someone saw it in our local newspaper, maybe a family member, maybe they could reach out and let me know," Draper told CNN. "I'd really like to meet them. I don't want to just throw it in the mail."


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