Man sits on toilet for 116 hours to set new Guinness record

By Ben Hooper
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July 15 (UPI) -- A Belgian man spent 116 consecutive hours sitting on a toilet in a local bar in a bid to set a new Guinness World Record.

Jimmy De Frenne sat on the toilet, which was not hooked up to any plumbing, in the main room of a bar in Ostend.


De Frenne said Guinness does not yet have a record for longest time sitting on a toilet, but he was able to best an unofficial record of 100 hours.

The record-seeker's goal had been 165 hours, but he said he was forced to stop at 116 hours when lack of sleep started to catch up with him.

De Frenne was allowed five-minute breaks every hour to stretch and use a real toilet.

Evidence from the attempt is now being submitted to Guinness for official recognition.

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