5 summer jobs for those who love naps, pools and barbecue

By Ben Hooper
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July 15 (UPI) -- "Get a job doing what you love, and you'll never work a day in your life," or so the old adage states. But what if "what you love" is taking naps, hanging out by the pool or eating barbecue ribs? Good news! There are jobs for that.

Companies capitalizing on the power of social media have taken to hiring summer interns or short-term employees to share their products with a mass audience. Here are five of the most unusual dream jobs offered this year to those whose passions might be less compatible with conventional summer employment.


1. Mattress Firm 'Snoozeterns'

Houston-based bed company Mattress Firm offered a literal "dream job" this summer for two "Snoozeterns" who are "proficient in napping, regardless of time of day."

The paid internship requires the Snoozeterns to spend 30 hours a week testing out different beds and creating "written and video reviews for our social platforms and"


2. 'Poolhop'

Accommodation-finding website offered up $10,000 for a "Poolhop" to travel the country "researching the most epic hotel pools."

The website said the employee would be sent to six famous U.S. hotels to spend time lounging by the pools, taking photos for Instagram and writing reviews of the pool experiences.

3. Reynolds Wrap 'Chief Grilling Officer'

The makers of Reynolds Wrap said their "Chief Grilling Officer" would be paid $10,000 to spend two weeks in August traveling the country to sample different varieties of barbecue ribs "from some of the top BBQ rib cities in the country."

The worker would be responsible for sharing photos, techniques and grilling tips on the Reynolds Kitchen website, the company said.

4. Hushhush 'Yacht Tester'

Hushhush, a London-based luxury store and concierge service, announced earlier in the summer it is seeking a "yacht tester" to spend a week living on a luxury boat testing "every plug socket, door, bed, shower, tap -- everything to make sure that the yacht is up to our standards."


The tester would then be required to write reviews of each boat, with each review paying $1,300. The company said the candidate could be called on to test up to 50 yachts in a year, making up to $65,000.

5. Natural Light 'Natty Light Summer Intern'

Natural Light, a popular beer among the college crowd, said the "Natty Light Summer Intern" would be called upon to act as a brand ambassador at various summer events as well as create viral social media content, conduct product research and keep the brand manager apprised of social media trends.

The intern's qualifications include meme creation skills, being "outgoing, but not annoying," and having exceptional social media savvy. The listing stated "confidence is a must" and the intern should "just be cool."

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