Distillery's nearly 200-gallon Caesar cocktail breaks Guinness record

Ben Hooper

July 9 (UPI) -- A Canadian distillery broke a Guinness World Record when it mixed up a nearly 200-gallon batch of Caesar cocktail.

The Last Mountain Distillery in Lumsden, Saskatchewan, celebrated its fifth annual Caesar Fest by mixing up 4,572 shots of dill pickle vodka and 318 bottles of Clamato juice, resulting in 198.1 gallons of cocktail.


Co-owner Meredith Schmidt said the record attempt was inspired by a visitor to the distillery in the spring.

"He just assumed, he was like 'you guys must hold the record for the world's biggest Caesar then?' and I kind of looked at him blankly and realized, why don't we hold that record?" Schmidt told CBC News.

The cocktail bested the previous record of 177.8 gallons.

Schmidt said she is prepared to mix up an even larger Caesar at next year's festival if the distillery is pushed to defend its title.

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