Texas family adopts kitten with 24 toes

Ben Hooper

July 3 (UPI) -- A Texas couple adopted a stray kitten found outside a barn and quickly discovered a unique feature -- the feline has 24 toes.

Heather Lehman of China Spring said her husband found the kitten, which they dubbed Titus Pullo, hanging around a barn in Valley Mills and sent her a photo.


"My husband had sent me a photo saying 'check out this guy's feet!'" Lehman told KWTX-TV. "I said, 'ohhh that's a polydactyl cat!' I've never had one, always wanted one."

Cats typically have 18 toes, but a genetic mutation called polydactylism sometimes causes them to have extra toes.

A Minnesota woman revealed last year that her cat, named Paws, has 28 toes -- tying the Guinness World Record.

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