Doctor finds live tick inside ear of woman with tinnitus

By Ben Hooper
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June 28 (UPI) -- A doctor at a hospital in Thailand shared video of the unusual discovery inside the ear of a woman complaining of tinnitus -- a tick.

Dr. Piradee Chanmonthon, 37, an otolaryngologist at Buddhachinaraj Hospital in Phitsanulok, said the 50-year-old woman came into the hospital complaining of a ringing sound that had been in her left ear for weeks.


Piradee looked inside the woman's ear and discovered a tick had bitten the inside of her ear repeatedly.

The doctor said the tick was deep in the woman's ear canal and was removed via suction.

''Luckily, the tick didn't lay eggs or hadn't embedded in her ear because that would take longer to removed and might have involved an operation," the doctor said. ''I'd like to warn all animal lovers to regularly shower your pets, especially in this rainy season, before playing and taking them to bed with you.''

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