Zoo employee's performance in lion escape drill goes viral

By Ben Hooper
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June 24 (UPI) -- A Japanese zoo's escaped animal drill is going viral after footage emerged of an employee in a lion costume getting into character.

The escape drill at the Tobe Zoo in Ehime Prefecture featured a worker in a lion costume running loose inside the park while visitors were evacuated.


The footage shows the "lion" swiping its paw at colleagues who wandered too close and evading capture attempts.

The video drew attention on Twitter for a moment when the camera pans to a pair of real lions watching the scene unfold with seemingly unamused expressions.

The escape drill ends with the faux big cat being shot with a stun gun in a drive-by shooting and dramatically falling to the ground.

Another Japanese zoo, the Tama Zoological Park in Tokyo, is well known for annually holding escape drills featuring zoo employees in animal costumes. Previous viral drills have involved workers dressed as a chimpanzee, a zebra and a leopard.

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