Artisan blue cheese sells for Guinness record of over $16,000

By Wade Sheridan
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June 20 (UPI) -- Ivan Suarez, owner of restaurant Llagar de Colloto in Spain, set the Guinness World Record for most expensive cheese sold at auction when he bought 5.78 pounds of artisan blue cheese for $16,142.41.

The high price is due to the item being Cabrales cheese, one of the strongest, most recognized blue cheeses in the world. The purchased cheese hails from the Valfriu cheese factory.


Cabrales cheese maturates inside the caves of the Picos de Europa mountain range in Spain. It spends roughly between three to six months in the caves with shepherds rubbing and turning the cheese to help along the maturating process.

Suarez competed against 15 other restaurants while bidding on the blue cheese.

"There seemed to be no limit to the bidding, and it lasted almost two hours. The audience was very lively and applauded incessantly," a spokesperson for the Valfriu cheese factory said to Guinness World Records.

Suarez's restaurant has started working with the Valfriu cheese factory and places weekly orders for the company. He sells Cabrales cheeses and recommends them at all meals.

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