Fishermen film unexpected great white shark encounter in New Jersey

Ben Hooper

June 19 (UPI) -- A group of fishermen heading in from a tournament in New Jersey captured video of their unexpected encounter with a 16-foot great white shark.

Scott Crilly said he and his friends were headed back to shore about 4:30 p.m. Monday after competing in a mako shark tournament.


"We were on our way of clearing everything up, ready to go home, and then we just saw the shadow come up and we were like 'What is that,' and so we just stuck it out and it gave us a show," Crilly told WPVI-TV.

The fishermen lowered their bait into the water and were shocked to discover the shape in the water was a huge great white shark, which they estimated at about 16 feet long.

"Best day ever on the water," Crilly wrote in a Facebook post.

Marine experts examined Crilly's footage and confirmed it was an adult great white shark.

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