Bear walks into Connecticut home while couple cleans

By Ben Hooper
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May 28 (UPI) -- A Connecticut couple shared video of a brazen bear that walked right into their home through the open front door.

Kelsey Weber and Ryan Boyle said they were cleaning Sunday at their Barkhamsted home when the uninvited visitor made its appearance.


"We always have the door open when we're cleaning, we're in and out," Boyle told WFSB-TV.

Boyle said he was just settling in for a rest when he saw the bear come inside.

"I kind of see a shadow, and I looked up, I was on my phone and I was like, 'Kelsey, don't move,'" Boyle said.

"If I acted timid and ran away, maybe it would not have been scared and came further into the house, so I did the first thing I thought to do, which was to yell at it and run at it and luckily for me, it did the right thing," he said.

A family of similarly bold bears were caught on camera last week climbing into cars outside a Gatlinburg, Tenn., rental cabin. Chad Morris said he and his family were unloading the cars when the bears climbed into the vehicles through open windows in an apparent search for food.


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