Oklahoma man discovers nearly 7-foot snake in his dryer vent

Wade Sheridan

May 20 (UPI) -- Wayne Melvin of Yukon, Okla. was surprised to notice a nearly 7-foot snake make its way through his dryer vent which leads into his house.

Melvin took apart the dryer looking for the reptile, noticing that it had not made it far.


He declined to call a pest control company and instead waited to see if the snake would leave on its own. Melvin said to ABC 13 he has seen snakes before but never had anything like this happen.

Melvin then used gloves and carried the snake himself to the creek behind his house.

"They eat rats and rodents. So that's a lot better than other things that come from those woods," he said to WHNT 19.

Recently, Illinois resident Sanela Kamencic discovered a snake inside her washing machine who had gone through a cycle. Kamencic commented that the snake smelled like Downy. The reptile was safely captured and returned to its 12-year-old owner.

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