A tiny bird listed as a protected species shut down a New Jersey soccer field when it set up its nest near a goal.

The female killdeer and her mate built a nest on the artificial turf at Votee Park in Teaneck, and officials said the bird species is protected under the American Migratory Bird Treaty Act and the Canadian Migratory Birds Convention Act.

The officials said they determined it would take 30 to 60 days to get a permit to relocate the bird and her eggs, and they determined it would likely take less time for the eggs to hatch and the avian family to move on without interference.

Ken Hoffman of Teaneck Parks and Recreation said other fields were found to host the scheduled soccer games.

"It really wasn't much of an inconvenience, it was a lot of administrative phone calling in order to find other fields," Hoffman told WABC-TV.

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