Oklahoma fisherman lands 170-pound alligator gar

By Ben Hooper
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April 23 (UPI) --


Wildlife officials in Oklahoma shared a photo of a fisherman's "prehistoric" catch -- a giant alligator gar weighing in at 170 pounds.

The Oklahoma Game Wardens said Zackary Sutterfield of Durant was bowfishing on Lake Texoma when he encountered the 6-foot, 7-inch leviathan.

The post said family members Nic Sutterfield and Billy Sutterfield helped the fisherman reel his massive catch into the boat.

The Game Wardens said an Oklahoma Department of Wildlife Conservation biologist was allowed to examine the gar as part of state research.

The big fish fell short of the state record -- the largest alligator gar caught in Oklahoma weighed a staggering 254 pounds.

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