Woman seeks owner of class ring found at Sam's Club

Ben Hooper

April 15 (UPI) -- A Texas woman is trying to find the owner of a class ring that was apparently dropped into a case of water at a Sam's Club store.

The woman said she was working at Sam's Club in Houston when she found the University of Houston class ring about three years ago.


She said she brought the ring home with the intention of finding the owner, but misplaced the item.

The woman said the ring turned back up at her home and she is now trying to return the ring to the rightful Aggie.

"My son, he's an Aggie, he just received his class ring. If he was to lose his ring, that's why I'm doing this," she told KTRK-TV.

A Michigan woman was reunited with her class ring last year after it was lost in a locker room 47 years earlier. The woman's Loy Norrix High School ring, which she obtained before transferring schools for her senior year, was lost in the Comstock High School locker room and found decades later when a crew removed the lockers for renovations.

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