Monitor lizard removed from gas station toilet

By Ben Hooper
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April 12 (UPI) -- An animal rescuer in South Africa shared video of an unusual call to remove a Nile monitor lizard found in a gas station toilet.

Nick Evans shared a video of his visit to the BP station in Reservoir Hills, Durban, where he had been told a lizard was spotted in the bathroom.


"I was informed that a Nile monitor lizard had found its way into the public toilets of a petrol station. It needed rescuing, so away I went. As you can see, the frightened lizard was wired and defended itself desperately, and painfully for me, not understanding I was wanting to save it, not kill it," Evans wrote.

Evans said he was eventually able to wrangle the reptile.

"It was later released in a beautiful, natural area," he wrote.

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