California man's 'Scootski' jet ski modified to drive on land

By Ben Hooper
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April 5 (UPI) -- A California man is turning heads on the state's roads and online with a customized jet ski modified to travel at motorcycle speeds on land.

Nick Stemple said a friend's similar project inspired him to create his "Scootski" vehicle, which features the body of a Sea-Doo jet ski but the wheels and engine of a Honda Elite motorcycle.


"I love this thing! I've gotten rid of my other motorcycles. I ride this every single day," Stemple told KMPH-TV.

He said the unusual vehicle, which reaches speeds of about 70 mph and gets 30-40 miles per gallon of gas, gets a lot of attention from surprised onlookers.

"The first question I always get is 'Does that thing float on water?' And I always say, 'No, there's a huge hole at the bottom of it,'" Stemple said.

He said the "Scootski" is street legal, even on the highway.

"The one thing I love about it is honestly just the way people are with you. You get like people probably just having the worst day ever, and then they just see a jet ski just going down the road, and they just have the biggest smile ever," Stemple said.


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