Weightlifter tears 23 license plates in 1 minute

Ben Hooper

March 6 (UPI) -- A weightlifting champion is now a Guinness World Record holder after tearing 23 license plates in half in 1 minute.

Bill Clark, whose muscular accomplishments include U.S. National and World Powerlifting Championship wins, ripped 23 U.S. government-issue license plates in half in only 1 minute during an event in Binghamton, N.Y.


Guinness reviewed evidence from the attempt and declared Clark a record holder for most license plates torn in 1 minute.

"I can remember looking through the Guinness World Records book over and over, dreaming of one day being a part of it. This may very well be the crowning record of my career," Clark said.

Clark, who was inducted into the National Strength and Power Hall of Fame in 2014, said his accomplishment was aimed at raising awareness of children's cancer and scleroderma.

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