Professor holds baby so student can take notes

By Ben Hooper

March 4 (UPI) -- A Georgia college professor's kind gesture is going viral after he carried a student's baby during his lecture so the student could take notes.

A classmate tweeted a photo of Morehouse College Professor Nathan Alexander holding the baby, 5-month-old Assata, in a carrier while delivering an algebra lecture Friday at the college.


"My professor NATHAN ALEXANDER said 'I'll hold her so you can take good notes!'" the student tweeted.

The baby's father, Wayne Hayter, said he couldn't find a babysitter for Friday but didn't want to miss the algebra class, so he brought Assata with him to school.

Morehouse College President David Thomas was among those singing Alexander's praises on Twitter.

"This is about #love and #commitment. Loving our students and being committed to removing any barrier to their pursuit of excellence," he tweeted.

Alexander said the incident showed Hayter's dedication to his education.

"He works two jobs, is a full time student, is involved in leadership programs at school and is a parent," the professor told CNN. "This photo serves as a reminder of what parents have to do every day and how important it is to have affordable childcare."


Alexander said Assata was a model student.

"She was really behaved and even started to fall asleep at the end," he said. "We had a bottle ready on standby, if needed. We enjoyed having her energy in class."

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