Dog rescued from ledge 165 feet over the ground

By Ben Hooper
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March 1 (UPI) -- Animal rescuers in Thailand used a cherry picker to reach a dog that fell from a highway bridge and ended up stranded 165 feet in the air.

Emergency services personnel were called to the bridge in Bangkok on a report of a dog running loose in traffic, but before they arrived the canine fell from the bridge and ended up on a 2-foot-wide ledge 165 feet over the ground.


A video shows rescuers using a cherry picker to reach the stranded canine.

The dog, Leo, was later reunited with owner Tawin Nanthasing, 59. He said his daughter had been watching the dog at her shop, near her parents' home, when Leo escaped.

"I think he became hungry and tried to find his way back to our house then became lost and started following the cars onto the bridge," the owner said.

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