New York rental bike turns up covered in barnacles

Ben Hooper

Feb. 27 (UPI) -- New Yorkers were left scratching their heads at an intriguing mystery when a Citi Bike turned up after 15 months covered in rust and barnacles.

Filmmaker Ted Geoghegan tweeted he visited the Citi Bike dock at 73rd Street and Riverside on Manhattan's Upper West Side and discovered there was only one available bike, which did not appear rideable.


"I raced over to the rack by my house, hopeful to grab the one CitiBike that was there. It has literally just been fished out of the river. It is held together with rust and barnacles," Geoghegan tweeted.

Citi Bike said the bicycle, which has been taken out of service, was last rented 15 months ago. Its whereabouts between when it was rented and when it was discovered by Geoghegan are a mystery.

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