Ontario man puts on 260 shirts for Guinness World Record

By Ben Hooper
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Feb. 21 (UPI) -- An Ontario man donned 260 T-shirts at the same time to raise money for his children's school and break a Guinness World Record.

Ted Hastings said he was flipping through a Guinness Book of World Records with his 11-year-old son when they came across the record for most T-shirts worn at one time.


"Not wanting to disappoint my son, we set out to figure out, first, what record we could possibly attempt. And then the steps involved and stumbled into this t-shirt one," Hastings told Timmons Today.

He said he ordered shirts up to 20 XL from India and made plans to hold the record attempt at Polsky Strength and Conditioning gym in Kitchener. Hastings said the event raised money for Bridgeport Public School, where his son and 14-year-old daughter attend.

Hastings said after putting on the 260 shirts -- three more than the previous record -- that the experience was "generally awful."

"I think around a hundred shirts mark it felt like it was possible. And around the 150 shirt mark, I thought it was one of the dumber things I've signed up for in a long time," he said.


He said the weight of the shirts became constricting as their mass grew.

"You have to assume that each shirt is roughly a pound when you're talking about shirts from 10 XL up to 20 XL," Hastings said.

A Guinness World Records adjudicator was on hand to certify the record. The record-keeping organization congratulated Hastings on Twitter.

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