Chicago man's big proposal draws attention downtown

Ben Hooper

Feb. 21 (UPI) -- A Chicago man's marriage proposal gained the attention of more than just his girlfriend when he spelled out the words in giant letters in a park.

The huge message, "MARRY ME," was spelled out in the snowy grass of Maggie Daley Park in downtown Chicago, using 45-feet-tall and 31-feet-wide letters.


Bob Lempa, the man behind the proposal, said he had originally planned the stunt for Valentine's Day, but he was foiled by a lack of snow.

Lempa instead ended up etching the huge letters Tuesday, in a spot he knew would be visible from the 37th floor of the Blue Cross Blue Shield building, where his girlfriend, Peggy Baker, would be at work.

"I had been by Maggie Daley Park a number of times just getting the feel of where I could do it, how big it would have to be, because Peggy's on the 37th floor so I knew it had to be big to be seen," Lempa told WGN-TV.

Baker, who accepted the proposal, said the big message came as a huge surprise.

"Other people had noticed it earlier but I hadn't noticed it until I saw a few other people looking out the window, so I knew something was going on but I really didn't know it would be for me," Baker said. "It was so huge, and a big and bold statement."


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