Deer crash through lawmaker's office, bar

By Ben Hooper
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Feb. 11 (UPI) -- Police in Ontario said a group of deer ran through a town and crashed through a lawmaker's office and a local bar.

The Durham Regional Police said the three deer ran Sunday through the streets of Oshawa and two of the animals made a detour through the office of Jennifer French, a member of the Ontario Provincial Parliament.


French said the animals smashed through a window and knocked around some furniture before fleeing when police arrived.

Police said one of the deer -- it was unclear whether it was one of the two that trashed French's office -- then traveled a few blocks to the Atria Bar and Grill.

The deer crashed through a window and ran wild through the business before making its way to the karaoke stage, where it remained for hours.

Police captured the deer, which was bleeding, and turned it over to the care of veterinarian Dr. Sherri Cox of the National Wildlife Center. Cox said the deer was tranquilized and its wounds were tended to. She said it would be released once the tranquilizers wore off.


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