Mail truck explodes on Missouri street

Ben Hooper

Jan. 25 (UPI) -- A Missouri man's home security camera captured the moment a mail truck exploded into a ball of flames and rolled down his street.

Brian Riley said he heard the sound of squealing tires outside of his home in the Northland area of Kansas City on Wednesday night. He said it sounded like someone was stuck in the snow for about 15 minutes.


Riley said he finally looked at his home security camera when his dogs started barking and he discovered a U.S. Postal Service truck had caught fire and rolled down his street into a neighbor's yard.

Witnesses said the postal worker had been trying to get the vehicle unstuck and ended up overheating it.

"There was a point where, for almost 10 minutes straight, he did not let up on the gas," Riley told WDAF-TV. "He was pushing it beyond insanity, and you could just tell the way he was going that he was getting more and more mad the whole time."

A Postal Service representative confirmed the driver was not injured and an investigation into the incident has been opened.

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