Cyclist's crash with deer caught on camera in Arizona

By Ben Hooper
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Jan. 25 (UPI) -- A cyclist's rear-facing camera captured the moment his friend was sent tumbling over his bicycle by a collision with a poorly-timed deer in Arizona.

Bryan Reid's rear-facing bike camera was recording during a Sunday morning ride down Mount Lemmon when a deer darted out behind Reid and crashed into his friend, Reed Soehnel.


The video shows Soehnel flip over his bike and the deer skid across the road. The animal was able to run off a few seconds later without any apparent signs of injury, the cyclists said.

An ICU nurse cycling nearby was nearly struck by Soehnel's bike and stopped to help. A group of women driving down the mountain from a bachelorette also stopped to help and one of them was an NICU nurse.

Soehnel said he was assisted by the women and they gave him a ride to his Airbnb, where his hosts drove him to the hospital.

"I was fully alert and [had] no concussion symptoms the entire time, so that's why the decision was made to not involve an ambulance, although I was in a decent amount of pain," Soehnel told the Arizona Daily Star.


Soehnel said he broke a small bone in his foot in addition to suffering road rash, bruises and some cuts on his hands. He said the injuries are all expected to heal completely and he was able to drive home to New Mexico the day after the crash.

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