Texas couple's chicken coop pays tribute to Whataburger

By Ben Hooper
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Jan. 22 (UPI) -- A Texas couple who missed Whataburger after moving out into the country created the next best thing -- a Whataburger-themed coop for their chickens.

Trisha Ruiz said her husband asked her to move from Fort Worth to the countryside, and she gave him some stipulations: They had to have a chicken coop, and they had to be able to "drive to Whataburger in 10 minutes or less."


Ruiz said they were able to find a home that met her requirements, but she was disappointed that she couldn't see Whataburger from her balcony.

Ruiz's husband solved her issue by building her a "Whatachick'n" chicken coop modeled after the fast food restaurant.

The self-styled "Krazy Funky Chicken Lady" said her 15 chickens love their coop as much as she does.

"Our chickens are pets," she said. "We love our chickens. We don't eat them. We just play with them."

"They're big, fluffy balls that look like teddy bears," she said. "They don't have regular feathers like other chickens do. They have a big giant cottontail, like a bunny."

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