Security camera records fox stealing flip-flops from front porch

Ben Hooper

Jan. 15 (UPI) -- An Australian woman's home security camera captured a thieving fox stealing a pair of official 2016 Olympic flip-flops from her front porch.

Amy McCann, a former baseball player who traveled to the 2016 Rio Games as part of the Australian Olympic media team, said she reviewed her security camera footage after the sandals she brought home for her wife went missing from the front porch of her Melbourne home.


McCann posted a video to Facebook showing the thief -- a brazen fox.

The former athlete said she is hoping to locate the flip-flops, as they are an irreplaceable souvenir from the Olympic Village.

McCann said the fox did leave some payment for the footwear.

"He dropped a dead possum or rat off before he stole the thongs," she told 10 News.

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