Escaped parrot found at dog park a mile from zoo

By Ben Hooper
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Dec. 21 (UPI) -- A New Zealand zoo said a macaw parrot that escaped during a flying lesson was found in a tree about a mile from the facility.

The Auckland Zoo said the young parrot was spooked by sudden rain during a training session Thursday and took off from the zoo, leading officials to ask social media users in the area to keep an eye out for the bird.


The zoo said Becky and Greg Mills, who saw the post Thursday afternoon, spotted the blue and gold macaw in a tree about a mile from the zoo while they were walking their dog.

Lizzy Perrett, team leader of animal experiences at the zoo, responded to the location at the Meola Reef Dog Park and quickly spotted the parrot.

"I raced to the park and there she was, perched on a tree, squawking her heart out," Perrett told the Central Leader newspaper.

Perret said the bird became "doubly chatty" after recognizing zoo personnel.

The zoo workers attempted unsuccessfully to coax the parrot down from the tree, but the bird ended up going to sleep.


Perret said zookeepers returned to the park at 5 a.m. Friday and were eventually able to coax the parrot down after she woke up.

"She is absolutely fine and acting like nothing happened but her brother has been quite mischievous today," Perrett said.

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