Chihuahua chases off attempted burglar in Texas

By Ben Hooper
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Dec. 14 (UPI) -- A Houston man's doorbell camera captured the moment a would-be burglar was chased away by the neighborhood's protector: a stray chihuahua.

Chester Wells, a property investor, said the doorbell camera at the house in the Sunnyside neighborhood recorded the incident last week when a man riding a bicycle and carrying a large stick approached the front door.


The man appears to attempt to break into the home, but is startled by a barking chihuahua. The barking caused Wells' Ring app to alert him and he activated an alarm, which caused the burglar to flee.

The video shows the man riding away as the chihuahua chases after him, still barking.

Wells said he believes the small dog to be a stray, but he has decided to dub the canine McGruff in honor of the crime dog.

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