Tracks offer clues to missing wolf in Colorado

Ben Hooper

Nov. 29 (UPI) -- Wildlife officials in Colorado said some tracks might offer a clue in the case of a wolf that escaped from a wildlife center earlier in November.

There haven't been any confirmed sightings of the Mexican grey wolf since it escaped Nov. 11, the same day it arrived at the Colorado Wolf and Wildlife Center, but officials said some tracks were found that might belong to the creature.


Colorado Parks and Wildlife officers said the tracks, which were found Friday, indicate the animal moved northwest from the wildlife center in the town of Divide, but is still in the nearby area.

The Colorado Wolf and Wildlife Center, which had sought to breed the animal as part of an initiative to bolster the population of Mexican wolves in Arizona and New Mexico, said the missing wolf is blind in one eye, which appears considerably darker than its functioning eye.

Anyone who spots the animal is being asked to fill out a "wolf sighing form" on Colorado Parks and Wildlife's website.

"We haven't had anyone spot it and it has been several weeks now," local resident Josh Cunico told KCNC-TV.


"We have three dogs and are worried to let them out with that wolf out there," he said. "He's probably hungry."

Colorado does not have a known native wolf population, but the animals are known to sometimes wander in from neighboring states.

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