Live boa constrictor found in bin of Goodwill donations

By Ben Hooper
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Nov. 2 (UPI) -- An employee sorting through donations at a Goodwill store in Texas made an unusual discovery: a live boa constrictor snake.

Tassy Rodgers, who works in donation processing at Goodwill Industries in Fort Worth, said the albino snake was found in a bin of donations.


"I was tipping this machine, and when I brought the bin back the snake was hanging over the edge," Rodgers told KXAS-TV. "I was a little freaked out and thinking this cannot be fake; it's gotta be real."

Goodwill assistant manager James Murphy said it was unclear whether the snake was intentionally donated to the store.

"I don't know if someone may have [dropped it off] maliciously," Murphy said. "Maybe they wanted to get rid of it and weren't quite sure how, or maybe it just wanted to get warm. It was in a pile of clothing."

Murphy, an experienced snake owner, is taking care of the boa while officials try to track down its owner.

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