Giant spool falls off truck, rolls down Texas highway

By Ben Hooper
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Oct. 26 (UPI) -- A large spool fell from the back of a truck and Texas and rolled down the highway, striking at least one car as motorists swerved to dodge it.

Victoria Martinez captured video of the spool as it rolled down the East Freeway about 11:30 a.m. Thursday in Houston after it rolled off the back of a truck traveling the road.


Another driver, Marie Cervantez, shared a dashboard camera video showing her vehicle passing by the truck just before the spool of fiber-optic cable broke loose and ended up on the road, where it hit the back bumper of her car.

Cervantez said she didn't realize her car had been hit until after she stopped.

"Luckily, nobody got hit from that. Everybody stopped. But I kept going! Because I didn't know it hit me, until I noticed it," Cervantez told KTRK-TV.

Drivers said the spool stopped rolling on its own after traveling a distance and police soon arrived to secure it. No injuries were reported.

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