Heavy object crashes through wall of New Jersey home

Ben Hooper

Oct. 8 (UPI) -- Police in New Jersey are investigating the mystery of a heavy object that crashed through the wall of a Jersey City home.

Arlene Silvestri, owner of the two-story house on Western Avenue, said her upstairs tenant called to tell her there was an explosion at the house.


The landlady arrived to find the fire department probing a large hole in a wall punched by the object, which ended up inside the residence.

Neighbors reported hearing the explosion, but no eyewitnesses came forward claiming to have seen where it originated.

City officials released a statement saying police believe the object was a cylinder of compressed gas.

"The cylinder of compressed gas or compressed air came from the direction of a scrap metal yard along County Avenue. The cylinder was projected east up County Avenue and pierced the rear wall of [a home] landing inside the home. No one was in the area of where the cylinder landed," the statement said.

The owner of the scrap yard said he heard the explosion, but the object did not originate on his property.

The investigation is ongoing.


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