Tourist helps sloth cross road in Costa Rica

By Ben Hooper
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Sept. 13 (UPI) -- A tourist in Costa Rica came to the rescue of a sloth that was in danger of being run over while trying to cross a road.

The video, filmed earlier this month, shows the sloth on its belly on a road in a rural area of Costa Rica.


A man carefully lifts the sloth and carries it to the woods at the side of the road.

"On the second day of our stay we came across a two-toed sloth on a dirt road," the rescuer wrote. "He was crossing the road just like a sloth would, very slow. We immediately stopped and got off the car to check it out."

"As soon as we got to it another car was driving up the hill and we made it go around the sloth," the man wrote. "I knew I couldn't leave without knowing it crossed safely so I just gave it a hand."

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