Student finds boa constrictor behind dorm fridge

Ben Hooper

Aug. 31 (UPI) -- A New York state college student called for help when she discovered a 5-foot boa constrictor behind the refrigerator in her dorm room.

Francis Coots, director of campus safety at Hamilton College in Clinton, said the female student called campus safety earlier this week to report a big snake behind her dorm fridge.


"When you have something like that, it's unusual and it tends to upset people. Especially when you find them in a place where you're not expecting it," Coots told WKTV.

An employee captured the snake and Coots called the Utica Zoo, which recommended he call the Woodhaven Wildlife Center Inc. in Chadwicks.

Judy Cusworth, who runs Woodhaven Wildlife, said the snake is now comfortable in a 30-gallon aquarium with a heavy lid.

Officials said another student had been keeping the snake, which is not allowed in the dorms, in a plastic tote bin with air holes punched in the lid.

"These snakes are escape artists,'' Cusworth told, "so it got out. We have the lid on our aquarium securely fastened."

Cusworth said the snake's owner has made arrangements to have their parents take the pet home.


"It's a little early to say whether there's going to be any type of disciplinary action, but since he did violate the policy of the campus, not allowing animals on campus, he would be in violation of that," Coots said of the serpent's owner.

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