California couple find python in their bathroom

Ben Hooper

Aug. 22 (UPI) -- A California couple called police for help when they woke to find a trespassing python coiled up in their bathroom.

Maria Chan said she woke up to go to the bathroom about 1 a.m. Saturday and discovered the snake inside her Santa Ana home.


Chan roused her husband, Francisco, and together they decided to call 911.

Santa Ana Police Officer Justin Collins, who has experience with snakes, responded to the call.

The department said in a Facebook post that it was the "strangest call of the weekend." The post included a photo of Collins handcuffing the snake.

"He was able to take it to his house where the python requires heat and he had an extra cage because otherwise it would have been left here for the weekend," Santa Ana Police Cpl. Anthony Bertanga told KTTV.

Police believe the python to be an escaped pet and they are trying to find its owner.

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