Police interrupt attempted mid-road 'Keke Challenge'

By Ben Hooper
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Aug. 7 (UPI) -- A California police department shared dash cam footage from the moment an officer interrupted an attempt at the viral "Keke Challenge."

The stunt, also known as the "In My Feelings" challenge, involves occupants of a moving vehicle getting out and dancing in the road to Drake's "In My Feelings."


The Madera Police Department shared dash cam video of an officer pulling up behind an SUV attempting the challenge, with occupants quickly jumping back into the vehicle when they spot the patrol car.

"Fortunately, no one was injured," the department said.

"We have all seen the viral videos associated with the '[Keke] challenge' and a number of them have involved the person in the roadway being injured or the driverless vehicle causing a collision," police wrote.

Police have warned that the challenge could lead to injuries or hefty fines.

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