Texas man frees raccoon with can on its head

By Ben Hooper
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Aug. 1 (UPI) -- A Texas man stopped to free a raccoon with its head stuck in a can while another witness filmed the rescue.

The video shows the raccoon running around with the can on its head in a parking lot in Plano while a man follows it.


The man is able to grab hold of the raccoon and pull the can from its head after several unsuccessful attempts.

"I was at work, I'd just made my wine and liquor delivery in my truck and noticed the raccoon heading my way with the can stuck to his head," the filmer wrote.

"I started filming it and along come a guy name Todd driving by and got out to attempt to remove the can several times. Temperature were rising to over a 100 degrees, so we acted fast because he would not make it that day, although he got all scratched up, Todd removed it!" the man wrote.

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