Python appears at front door of car dealership

By Ben Hooper
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July 26 (UPI) -- Workers at a Michigan car dealership said they were shocked to discover a 5-foot python blocking the business' exit.

Eric Hay, a sales manager at Ferndale Honda, said he was initially confused Wednesday when a customer started banging on the unlocked door.


"I'm relaxing and heard banging on the door," Hay told WDIV-TV. "I saw a customer standing out there and I'm wondering why he's banging on the door."

Hay said he followed the customer's hand gestures and spotted the 5-foot python on the sidewalk just outside the glass door.

"You've never seen so many grown men jump in their shorts," Office Manager Bonnie Darga told the Detroit Free Press.

Cliff Howard, service adviser for Ferndale Honda, picked the snake up and put it in a box.

"From where I picked it up, I felt safe," Howard said. "I thought it was a safe situation and I just did it."

Dealership employees called police and the Michigan Humane Society, but both groups said they only respond to calls about dogs and cats.

Charlie Pernik, Ferndale Honda president, drove the snake to the Detroit Zoo, which also declined to take the serpent, but a zoo employee with snake experience agreed to take the animal home.


The zoo worker said the snake was likely an escaped pet.

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